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95% course fee funding 

You can benefit from up to 95% course fee funding when you sign up for any of these courses:

  • Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ).
    • All WSQ courses are supported under the WTS scheme. Please click here to see the list of CET Centres offering WSQ courses and their contact details.
  • Part-time ITE Skills Certificate, Part-time NITEC and Part-time Higher NITEC courses offered by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Please contact ITE directly to find out more on course details.

Who can qualify?

You will qualify if you:

  • are a Singapore citizen;
  • are aged 35 years and above on 31 December of the work year (aged 13 years and above for persons with disabilities);
  • earn an average gross monthly income of not more than $2,000 for the months worked; and
  • have signed up for any WTS qualifying courses.
Monthly income <= $2,000 

How to apply?

There is a two-step process for course fee funding support, comprising  the application stage and the claim stage.

For courses conducted by CET Centres and Post-Secondary Education Institutions (PSEI), you can apply for course fee funding support directly at these training providers. You will need to pay the nett 5% of course fee as well as the GST for the full course fees by the course provider.

The WTS Service Touchpoints are below:

How to apply? 

When signing up for training or applying for funding, please bring along these documents:

  • National Registration Identification Card (NRIC); and
  • Any of the following documents:
    • WTS notification letter;
    • Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) notification letter;
    • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) tax notification letter;
    • SingPost receipt for CPF income declaration (for tax-exempted sole-proprietors / self-employed only); or
    • Any one month’s pay slip or Employment Letter / Contract of Service dated not more than 3 months before course start date.

Submit documents within 120 days 

To successfully claim for the course fee funding,

you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be employed;
  • Achieve at least 75% course attendance;
  • Take all assessments; and
  • Pass the course.

Where applicable, as proof of eligibility, you are required to submit your Certification Slip (or other equivalent documents) at the same WTS Service touchpoint where you have made your application, within 120 days after the last day of your course (including weekends and public holidays).