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Mdm Huon Siew Chuo

“With the extra cash that I get from Workfare, I usually use it for my daily expenses. I can also look forward to higher CPF payouts when I retire.”

  • As a mother to four children, Madam Huon Siew Chuo, 50, spent most of her adult life raising her children.

  • Realising that her children had grown up and she had more time to herself, Madam Huon decided to re-join the workforce to supplement her family’s income. Workfare tops up her income and encourages her to stay employed.

  • As a warehouse assistant, Madam Huon ensures that orders are correctly picked up and delivered.

Mdm Huon Siew Chuo

  • On top of her monthly salary, Madam Huon receives Workfare payouts in CPF top-ups and cash from the Government. She looks forward to the monthly SMS notifications as she can use the additional cash to offset her daily expenses such as by topping up her EZ-Link card.

  • The Workfare CPF top-ups also enable Madam Huon to look forward to higher payouts when she eventually retires.

  • While the job can be physically taxing, Madam Huon maintains a positive attitude and shows no signs of slowing down. She actively keeps a look out for training courses so that she can upgrade her skills and earn a higher income through enlarged responsibilities.