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More Flexibility! More Opportunities!

Mdm Yang Yoke Lian, Self-Employed
Home-based Seamstress

Yoke Lian has taken on a variety of challenges in the past, from living in a kampong to working in a casino in Malaysia. After settling down in Singapore, she decided that being a home-based seamstress would be her next undertaking.

Through advertisements in the papers and a road-show in her neighbourhood, Yoke Lian found out that Workfare was what she needed. She said, "Workfare encourages me to continue working and training."

Today, Yoke Lian has attended many courses, including Adapt to Change, a course that equips trainees with the necessary skills to cope with challenges at the workplace, and Customer Service, for learning to deal with different types of customers. Another course she attended was on Emotional Competency, which teaches people to present themselves confidently and speak tactfully.

As a self-employed, Yoke Lian contributes to her MediSave Account regularly as it is important to have sufficient savings for her healthcare needs. She can also use her MediSave balance to pay her annual medical insurance premiums. This gives her the confidence that she can cope with her medical expenses in the event of major illnesses. To help self-employed persons like Yoke Lian build up their savings to meet their healthcare expenses, part of their Workfare payment is credited to their MediSave Account.

"Thanks to Workfare, I am able to work from home, take care of my children, learn new skills and be rewarded. With so much flexibility, I am able to do so much more than before," said Yoke Lian proudly.