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Mr Sahul 

More Refreshing, More Rewarding!

Mr Sahul Hamid, Pump Attendant
Singapore Petroleum Company

You are never too old to learn new things. That is the philosophy that inspired 58 year old Sahul to sign up for training courses under WTS. When he found out about the opportunities and benefits of WTS, Sahul was so pleased that he signed up for three courses. He said, "The training courses has improved my skill set tremendously and it rewarded me with extra money."

Even after 16 years on the job, Sahul has not lost his enthusiasm in finding ways to improve his performance at work. He said, "I took the Customer Service course to learn how to deal with the many types of customers I encounter daily, while the Team Building course taught me new things about working with colleagues."

When asked why he took the Professional Image course, he said, "Now I know how to dress suitably for any occasion." Even though Sahul currently wears a uniform at work, it will come in handy when he considers taking on other jobs in the future.

As Sahul is the sole breadwinner of his family, income supplements from WIS help with his financial situation. With additional cash for his family's daily expenses, it is now much easier to get by. He also gets more CPF to grow his retirement savings faster.