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Miss Cai Lin 

More Skills! More Friends!

Miss Cai Li Kuan, Cashier
Singapore Petroleum Company

Like many others who were initially driven by the opportunity to learn new skills and receive incentives, Li Kuan responded to the posters and letters from WDA by signing up for courses.

After completing some WTS courses, Li Kuan felt more and more at home with skills upgrading. In fact, she enjoyed learning so much that she even paid for additional courses out of her own pocket. "I took a Microsoft Excel course to help improve my computer knowledge and an English language course so I could communicate better," she said. "I also make more friends along the way."

Another reason to keep working is the additional income she receives from WIS. Li Kuan looks forward to the letters sent by CPF Board every quarter to inform eligible employees of their WIS payment.

Additional income is good for Li Kuan, as it helps to ease her daily financial expenses.