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Mdm Goh Goek Kee

“Workfare motivates me to work and tops up my income. I can buy more ingredients and cook a better meal for my family!”

64 Yr Old

  • Mdm Goh Geok Kee (“Auntie Geok”) is one beneficiary of Workfare. 64-year-old this year, Auntie Geok has been working as a cleaner at MOM Service Centre at Bendemeer for the past seven years.

  • Both Auntie Geok and her husband receive Workfare for working. From 2020, Workfare enhancements will boost her income by about 25%.

  • As long as she remains fit and healthy, Auntie Geok would like to continue working. Many of her fellow co-workers also receive Workfare.

Mdm Goh Goek Kee

Auntie Geok shared that she is happy to be receiving Workfare all these years. The Workfare payouts help her to meet household expenses.

  • Auntie Geok and her husband have a 24-year-old son who is currently a second-year Science student at NUS. Her son receives CDC/CCC bursaries annually to supplement the school fees and other costs of staying on campus.

  • She owns the three-room flat she lives in with her husband and son.

  • Her household also receives GSTV-Cash and U-Save rebates to offset their daily household expenses. Many other Workfare recipients (over 90%) similarly benefit from GSTV-Cash and U-Save rebates.

  • Auntie Geok, her husband, and her son, each has the CHAS Blue card. They receive highly subsidised medical and dental services at CHAS clinics.

  • She is amongst the 4 in 10 Workfare recipients in 2017 who also receive medical and dental subsidies under the CHAS scheme.

  • Auntie Geok is grateful that Workfare and Government’s subsidies for older workers like her amount to significant support for her and her family. In her own words, “这边一点,那边一点, 加起来其实很多!” [translated: here a bit, there a bit, Government support actually add up a lot].

Govt Support